Whether it is through years of built-up grime floors, moldy shower or cracked tiles TILE GROUT RESTORATION has the skills and experience to help you.

We have 12 years of experience in the tile and grout restoration business. All of our processes are environmentally friendly and come with a warranty.

Since you got an old shower, bathtub or kitchen floor, we can restore tile & grout making a new look. You don't need to do full renovation because of missing grout or a couple of cracked tiles and moldy silicone. We can FIX it.

If you are planing to sell your house we can bring old looking grout in your bathroom, shower room and kitchen back to life with TILE GROUT RESTORATION service or you are buying another one, before you are moving we will make sure that it looks a new floor, clean and shine shower.


Tile and grout cleaning   

To remove  built- up of grime, soiled,  mouldy stains on the grout and tiled areas in the bathroom, kitchen and shower room. 

Shower restoration

Showers are the worst for grout & silicone seals becoming mouldy, dirty and beyond cleaning. The average life of grout in a shower is generally around 7 to 10 years. Once it gets beyond that, the grout becomes quite porous, chalky and begins to get a lot harder to keep looking clean and gathers mould quite easily.

           Tile, grout cleaning and sealing

           Tile,grout cleaning and sealing services protect the area from future wear and making cleaning easier.

           Re grout

           Tile regrouting is a process used to completely transform the look of any old tiled area. Our customers can’t believe the               transformation of their shower or bathroom when we’ve finished.

           Grout re color

            It brings all grout back to a consistent colour.  Recolouring old floor grout will give you better and faster results than                      regrouting. Improves hygiene as the grout will no longer be porous.

            Tile changing and restoring

             If the tiles are not possible to restore, we change it.

                        OUR     SERVICES

We specialize in restoration of tile & grout                                    1-Tile & grout deep cleaning                                                               2-Grout repairing and/or re-grouting                                                3-Damaged tiles repairing and/or replacing                                 4-Tile and grout clear sealing                                                              5-Grout color sealing ( re-coloring )                                                 6-Silicone removal and replacement.                                            

In additionally we can do for you (a) Striping & waxing VCT (Vinyl Composite Tile) and Laminate floors (b) refinishing of hardwood floors (c) pressure washing & finishing :  

1-deck & fencing            2-interlocking                                                 3 - concrete floors         4 - commercial  

IF YOU BUYING OR SELLING YOUR HOUSE:  Dirty tile and  grout? Cracked tiles or chipped floors?  Moldy Showers?  WE WILL FIX