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What is Grout Sealant?

A grout sealant is a penetrating colour sealer that soaks into the grout and coat the minerals below the surface. The sealer lays on top of the grout and prevents dirt, oil and water from entering.


Make your dirty, moldy grout a thing of the past! Have it look like new!  You can match or change the color of your grout. Let our technicians at Tile Grout Restoration help you with no hassle, no down time and no restoration!

Grout is mostly made up of sand but it’s quite absorbent. When things spill, like tea, coffee, grape juice, etc. the grout soaks up the spill like a sponge.  Our unique restoration process is so the grout color is locked in and spills and troublesome stains are kept out.

How Do We Do It?

Grime, dirt and grease is removed out of your grout lines and tiles surface with Vapor Steam. This system heats water to temperature of 175 ºc. This high temperature and high regulated pressure provides vapor steam that sanitize and melts away dirt, grime and grease, kills bacteria, bed bugs, dust mites, fleas and their eggs on contact.

Grout sealer is hand applied to each grout joint to match colour or a colour of your choice. We apply it to the point of grout saturation and carefully wipe up any excess. A sealer does not make grout stain proof.  It does inhibit penetration of substances that may discolor the grout. Tile Grout Restoration uses the finest premium quality breathing penetrating type grout sealer available. We spare no expense to provide our customers with the best possible seal on grout.

Grout Seal Upclose

At Tile Grout Restoration, we’ve all of the technical skills and knowledge to give you informed solutions for protecting your tile and grout. Call now so we can provide you a full floor restoration analysis and quote. Almost all of our projects are completed in one day.

ColorGlad Premium Colour Grout Sealer

ColorClad® is designed to both penetrate into the grout and contract on the surface as it cures. This allows it to reflect the natural texture of the grout. A matte finish and the Aluminum Oxide grit complete the effect of a natural looking grout texture.colorclad colour sealer


All ColorSealers are water resistant and most are oil resistant to some degree. ColorClad™ is the first ColorSeal product to be truly oil repellent. There is a big difference between oil resistant and oil repellent (oleophobic).


With a perm rating of 15, ColorClad™ has the highest published permeability rating of any ColorSeal on the market. For all slab on grade, exterior or wet environment tile installations, breathability of the sealer is critical.


ColorClad™ comes in 8 core colors that are used to make the 89 standard colors on the Color Selection Guide.


Sometimes the grout needs more than just a color change. Grout can be pitted, cracked and damaged to the point that a grout stain or thin ColorSeal is not enough to make the grout look and stay looking new.colorglad example


Tile grout is very often no longer a simple cementitious product. Grout additives, epoxy and urethane grouts are becoming more common. ColorClad™ is designed for superior adhesion to all tile grouts, including epoxy.


Aluminum Oxide, a mineral harder than granite, has been proven in factory applied wood floor finishes for years. ColorClad™ is the first ColorSeal product to employ Aluminum Oxide fillers to improve the durability of a ColorSeal.