Grout Colour Sealing

The Truth Is, The More You Clean Un-Sealed Grout The Dirtier It Becomes

Because grout is porous every time a floor is mopped, the dirty mop water soaks into the grout lines staining and discolouring it.  Bacteria also penetrates and begins to grow causing odour problems and mould.  The only way to properly avoid these issues is by sealing the grout.

Our sealing process offers the customer an unlimited option of colours to choose from!   We can restore the original colour or colour match the grout to the tile and decor of your home.  Simply changing the colour of the grout can often transform the look of the entire floor.  Once we proprietary color sealer is applied; NOTHING can penetrate and stain the grout lines again!

Un-Sealed Grout vs Sealed Grout​​

If grout is left un-sealed the porous grout lines will quickly begin to discolour. This is caused by spills, dirt, bacteria and mop water soaking into the grout lines like a sponge.  Once these stains have penetrated into the grout lines, there is virtually nothing that can remove the stains other than completely removing the grout or color sealing the grout.

Colour Sealed Grout is guaranteed to make grout lines uniform, stain free and perfect, while also preventing future discoloration, stains, and bacteria from entering the grout.  Our grout coloring process includes a colorant, commercial grade sealer, and antimicrobial designed to protect your tiled areas for years to come.

What Brand Do We Use?

Color Clad Grout Colour Sealer

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