Tile and Grout Restoration

Our Tile and Grout Cleaning process takes place in 3 steps.

Step 1: Spraying Tile and Grout with Cleaning Solutions

We use high alkaline commercial cleaning solutions from BridgePoint Systems, The Professional Choice and Hydroforce to ensure the tile and grout is clean and sanitized with products that are environmental and pet friendly! The cleaning solutions used are light scented derived from a unique formula of natural orange oil.

Our products are pet, environment and allergy friendly!

Step 2: Power Washer / Steam Cleaner

The E1200 is a CSA/US approved dual purpose portable hard surface cleaner. This 10 gallon extractor comes with auto fill and auto drain, front mounted pressure adjuster and pressure gauge for user convenience. The external filter protects the internal pump out by catching debris before it goes into the recovery tank.

Esteam’s H.S. Spinner makes hard surface cleaning a breeze with its ergonomical, lightweight design and high pressure cleaning from 400-1000 PSI. It is designed to effeciently clean a variety of surfaces including grouted ceramic tile, sidewalks and concrete floors. This system insurance no leaks during the cleaning process.

Step 3: Grout Colour Sealing

ColorClad is a grout restoration process that not only brings back the uniform color of a freshly installed tile grout, but dramatically improves the performance of any grout, new or old. ColorClad uses a core colour system that offers a near infinite palette of colours to cleared the perfect look to your tiled surfaces.

Grout Colour Sealing adds durability, beauty and hygiene to the grout joints. Once sealed, future maintenance will be easier and more effective. Grout Colour Sealing acts as a topcoat which water proofs and sanitizes resisting stains for years. Grout Colour Sealing lasts up to ten times longer than most other store bought penetrating sealers.

Watch The Entire Process Below